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Alma is used to helping others overseas, but will a challenging trip to a new place change her?

  • "I feel like I have more time to do things. I'm not stressing over learning as much. It comes simply and it sticks."

    - Arden E., SAT Test Prepper

  • “Walking in the day of the test, I wasn't nervous, because I knew that I had all the tools to succeed."

    - Colleen R., Arizona State, Kaplan GRE Test prepper

  • All the little tools and all the little tricks that she's been taught [help] her fly through the exam."

    - Monica S., Mother of SAT Test Prepper

  • "When I invested in Kaplan, I invested in my future, and it has paid tremendous dividends ..."

    - Phil B., University of Virginia, MCAT prepper

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