Kaplan Bar Review Targeted Tutoring Offers

Programs start at $1000 or 3 installments of $333.33 + one-time $25 fee

MBE Only
Essay Only
MBE & Essay

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Take control of your success on the bar exam!

Whether you are a first time examinee or re-sitting , Kaplan Bar Exam Tutoring will give you the resources and focus you need to maximize your score on each section of the bar exam. The volume of information and the skills you need to pass require you to prepare very differently than you did for law school exams. Our tutors are highly-skilled bar exam professionals with years of experience in helping students achieve that final educational and professional goal – the Esquire! The bar is the last hurdle between you as a student and you as an attorney beginning your professional career. Most students start out with a set of 10 hours. However, hours are available for purchase in flexible five hour blocks. You may purchase an unlimited number of five hour blocks, depending on your needs and goals for the bar exam.

Depending on your bar exam needs and goals, you may select tutoring for the MBE, the essays or both! You may also easily add additional hours once tutoring begins.


*If you miss a scheduled appointment, we will do our best to reschedule it for you. However, if we are unable to reschedule, you will forfeit the hours that you have missed. Purchased hours are non-refundable once tutoring services have started. Re -Taker and Tutoring Offers subject to change at any time.
The free consultation is available for all jurisdictions except for California.