Kaplan Bar Review Targeted Tutoring Offers

Programs start at $1000 or 3 installments of $333.33 + one-time $25 fee

MBE Only
Essay Only
MBE & Essay

If you are unsure which program is right for you, click here to schedule your free consultation with one of our bar exam experts.*

Step 1: Assessment Session (Re-Taker's only)

One of bar exam experts will conduct your initial assessment, and will:

• Discuss your recent exam scores, goals and key concerns in preparing for the bar.
• Determine, based on the above, your next steps to prepare for the exam as efficiently and effectively as possible, which type of tutoring will work best for you, select the tutor that best suits your needs and goals, and provide a pre-tutoring assignment as applicable.

Step 2: Connecting with your tutor

A bar exam expert will match you with a tutor who will be able to address needs and goals for the bar exam. You will be provided your tutor's contact information and vice versa. For your benefit, your tutor will pace your time together and you will need to commit to the set schedule.* Your tutor will contact you for an initial intake and give you your first assignment. Once you turn it in, your tutor will grade it and schedule your first appointment.

Step 3: Your core 1-1 Target Tutoring Sessions

• Your tutoring sessions will take place either over the phone or video platform which will allow you to video chat with your tutor and allow your tutor to teach you via visual aids and share MBE questions and essays.
• You will receive new assignments after each session.


*If you miss a scheduled appointment, we will do our best to reschedule it for you. However, if we are unable to reschedule, you will forfeit the hours that you have missed. Purchased hours are non-refundable once tutoring services have started. Re -Taker and Tutoring Offers subject to change at any time.