Kaplan Bar Review — Better Bar Review

1. Exam likeness of the MBE Practice Questions

Kaplan Bar Review invests heavily to ensure that our MBE questions cover the latest question trends with regard to substance, format, style, and difficulty level.

With our MBE Qbank, you'll create customized quizzes with more than 2,000 exam-like questions and get detailed analysis on your performance. Watch our MBE Qbank video demo.

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2. Essay Grading

Licensed attorneys, supervised by former bar exam graders, provide timely feedback on each essay you write, including Performance Test essays if required by your state. And Kaplan provides Unlimited Essay Grading.

The feedback we provide on essays includes a full review of all the issues raised and whether the laws cited were used properly. Your essay grader will also comment on your grammar and provided narrative feedback on areas where you can improve the most.

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3. Amount of individualized guidance

With so little time to master so many subjects, it is important that you get individualized guidance that "cuts right to the chase." Here is one example of the individualized guidance that we provide: you will receive a daily regimen that progressively tailors to improve your weakest areas. Only Kaplan provides you with the Strengths & Weakness Guide which contains a precise and personalized study plan that includes daily assignments tailored to improve your weakest areas.

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4. Amount of Support

Our expert attorneys and office team will be there to help ensure that you are able to fully take advantage of all of your course lectures, outlines, materials, and online resources.

If you have questions about our outlines or practice materials presented in our course, you'll get a comprehensive answer from one of our expert attorneys via our Ask-An-Expert support feature.

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*Based on an exit survey of 1,973 July 2011 bar examinees who took bar review. Survey conducted at 24 randomly selected locations in states where Kaplan offers full service bar review. Each respondent rated his/her primary bar review course. Rated higher than BARBRI means Kaplan students rated Kaplan higher than BARBRI students rated BARBRI.


5. Overall value

This year, we set a goal for ourselves to be an even better value to students than last year. Why? We know these are tough economic times. And we also know you've already invested a lot in your education. We believe that passing the bar and getting on with your legal career is a goal that should be firmly within reach.

So to celebrate our top ratings, we're offering our biggest early enrollment incentive ever that will make our bar exam prep more accessible. You'll be able to save hundreds of dollars if you enroll by April 1st. The best part is, you'll be confident that you are getting the definitive bar review.

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6. Online Tools

You'll perform your best when you have a sense of focus on a daily basis during your preparation. That's really important considering all of the subjects that you'll have to master in 6-7 weeks. With our online tools you will get:

Detailed progress reports across essays, MBE questions, and quizzes.
Tailored assignments for subjects where you need to improve.
Jump to topics you want to review in our online lecture library via an easy-to-use Navigation menu.
The ability to highlight parts of questions you need to refer back to, eliminate answers by crossing them out, and flag questions for later review.
Choose and submit essays for grading and view your detailed essay grading reports.
View all of daily assignments on your online syllabus.

7. Simulated Practice

When it's all said and done, it's just going to be you facing down the bar exam. We know that in order to be successful, you'll need to practice applying the knowledge the way the bar exam will test to ensure that you're in control on exam day. That's why our academic success team carefully crafts 4,000 exam – like MBE practice questions and explanations, provides you with previously released state essay questions, 3 full length MBE practice exams and a simulated state essay practice exam.


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