The ACT Math Test

Length Question Types
60 Minutes 14 Arithmetic Questions
10 Elementary Algebra Questions
9 Intermediate Algebra Questions
9 Coordinate Geometry Questions
14 Plane Geometry Questions
4 Trigonometry Questions

On the ACT Math Test, you'll have 60 minutes to answer 60 questions—that's 1 minute per question!

ACT Math Question Format

All of the Math questions follow the same basic, multiple-choice format. They ask a question and offer 5 possible answer choices. The questions cover a full range of math topics, from pre-algebra and elementary algebra through intermediate algebra and coordinate geometry, to plane geometry and even a little bit of trig.

Although the Math questions, like those in other sections, are not ordered in terms of difficulty, questions drawn from elementary school or junior high tend to come earlier in the section. This doesn't necessarily mean that the easier questions are first.; We've found that students perform better on the material that's freshest in their minds.; Do you remember the math you learned in 7th grade?

Top 3 Strategies for the ACT Math Test

  1. Understand: Focus on the question stem and think to yourself, "What kind of question is this? What am I looking for? What information am I given?"
  2. Analyze: Don't start crunching numbers until you've given the problem a little thought. Look for patterns and shortcuts. Ask yourself, "What's a quick and reliable way to find the correct answer?"
  3. Select: Once you get an answer—or once you get stuck—check the answer choices. If your answer is listed, fill in the bubble and move on. If it's not clear, narrow down the choices as best as you can by a process of elimination and then guess.

Take an ACT Math Quiz

How will you do?; Take our ACT Math Quiz and find out.

Kaplan Strategy Session: ACT Math

Kaplan Strategy Session: ACT Math

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