Premier Tutoring

Get exclusive, one-on-one instruction from an outstanding tutor in your home, at your convenience, and on your schedule with Premier Tutoring—the most comprehensive way to prepare for entrance exams.

See the results on Test Day. We stand behind the program with our Higher Score Guarantee: Your child's score will improve, or you'll get your money back.

Choose your program length based on your child's test prep goals and individual schedule.

SAT or ACT Private Tutoring

  • Review
    20 tutoring hours
    10 sessions
    3-6 practice tests
  • Honors
    26 tutoring hours
    13 sessions
    3-6 practice tests
  • Masters
    32 tutoring hours
    16 sessions
    4-6 practice tests

SAT or ACT Small Group Tutoring

18 tutoring hours with 3-5 students
6 sessions
4 practice tests

PSAT/SAT or PSAT/ACT Private Tutoring

20-48 tutoring hours
10-24 sessions
3-6 practice tests

Private Tutoring is also available for: SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams, Academic Subjects, ISEE, SSAT and SHSAT.

Program includes:

  • PSAT, SAT or ACT tutoring
  • Complete SAT & ACT Prep courses and PSAT Live Online Classroom course
  • Smart Track Online adaptive study plans
  • SAT Subject Test and AP Exam online study guides
  • The Kaplan Higher Score Guarantee

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Why Choose Tutoring?

Personal Attention

Every student has a unique learning style. Our program starts with an assessment of your child's academic abilities, personality, scheduling needs, and score goals so we can make the best tutor match. After a diagnostic test, your tutor will customize a syllabus that addresses your child's individual strengths and weaknesses, and then guide your child through the program, taking extra care to address specific problem areas or concerns.

Smart Track™—a Kaplan exclusive—complements your child's tutoring syllabus by customizing online assignments based on his or her progress. Your child's online prep includes engaging video lessons, guided practice sessions and quizzes.

Parent and Student Reports

"How am I doing?" is the question our students ask the most. At Kaplan, we'll keep you up to date through Smart ReportsTM. The student and parent portals keep you informed of your child's progress on each course assignment. You can also view practice test performance and analyze strengths and weaknesses by topic area, question type, and more.

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We'll build a program that meets your child's specific needs and goals.


Our Tutors

The foundation of our program is our team of expert tutors. Each has second-to-none credentials and top scores on the tests in which they specialize. Extensive training and development programs, through Kaplan Premier's certification program, ensure that our tutors are authorities in interactive one-on-one instruction and individualized lesson planning.

Proven Score-Raising Strategies and Realistic Practice

Regular practice tests, administered under test- like conditions, will build your child's confidence for Test Day, and we offer more practice opportunities than any other program.

Is Premier Tutoring right for your family?

  • Do you want your child to receive highly personalized curriculum and individual instruction?
  • Are you looking for a customized, flexible schedule?
  • Will you and your child benefit from college application support and organizational tools?

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