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The Importance of Education

Employees agree that there is nothing more important than their child's education. Why, then, do 87% of teachers claim that parents are not doing enough to help with reading, math and homework? Parents also know that college has longstanding implications. So why do most children take college admissions exams without a sufficient amount of practice?

The answer? Career. Career limits the amount of time parents can spend, limits the amount of energy parents can devote and limits the amount of money parents can afford. The impact of education on a child's future is undeniable.

So how can you ease this burden on your employees and their families? Offer Kaplan Academic Advantage.

Kaplan is redefining the future of teaching and learning. Founded in 1938, we are the premier provider of online, classroom and private education solutions for hundreds of employers worldwide. Kaplan's innovative programs, courses and study materials are designed to ensure that individuals realize the full potential of their talents.