Test Site Rater Methodology

We asked test-takers the following questions:

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being best):
1. How would you rate the proctors at your test location?
2. How would you rate the quiet and comfort of your test location?
3. How would you rate the overall site experience at your test location?

4. Did you have:
   a) More than enough desk space.
   b) Enough desk space
   c) Not enough desk space.

We have tabulated their responses and calculated an overall score for each site by test administration date. For a given test date, only schools that have 5 or more reviews are rated for that test date.

The results for each location are calculated by taking the average of the answers to questions 1-3 and taking the percentage of respondents who selected a, �More than enough desk space�, or b, �Enough desk space� on question 4. Using those four numbers we calculated a site score weighing the overall site experience most heavily (50%), and all other scores equally.

To rate each location's desk space on a scale from 1-5 we converted the % that answer a or b on question 4 to a number between 1-5, we then used the converted value in our formula:

Rating = .5(Overall Site Score) + (.5/3)(Proctor Score) + (.5/3)(Quiet and Comfort Score) + (.5/3)(Converted Desk Space Score)