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In order to be considered for admissions at one the eight New York City Specialized High Schools, students must file a High School Application. Students should indicate interest in any of the schools by entering the appropriate information on the application.

Students must then obtain an admission ticket from their guidance counselor. The ticket will indicate the specific date and time of the SHSAT. On Test Day, students will be asked to rank the eight specialized high schools in order of preference.

The SHSAT is typically administered in late October for 8th graders and the following Saturday for 9th graders, who took the SHSAT as 8th graders, but were not accepted to a NYC Specialized High School. Please note that in some years, the exam is not administered until the first weekend in November.

The NYC Department of Education typically posts the test date over the summer: You can also check back here in July for updated 2013 test dates.

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