Interpreting Scores

All questions on the SSAT are equal in value. Raw scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly minus one-quarter point for each question answered incorrectly.

The SSAT score report will include multiple sets of scores and percentiles:

(1) Scaled Scores

  • Scaled score for each section (Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, and Total)
  • Grades 5-7 (Lower Level): 440-710 (V/Q/R), 1320-2130 (Total)
  • Grades 8-11 (Upper Level): 500-800 (V/Q/R), 1500-2400 (Total)

(2) SSAT Percentile Ranks for each category (1-99%)

  • The SSAT percentile ranks compare your scores to those of other students who have taken the SSAT in the past three years
  • For example, if your Math SSAT Percentile is 75%, you scored equal or better in the Math section than 75% of students (of your gender and grade) who took the SSAT in the past three years

(3) Estimated National Percentile Ranks (grades 5-9 only)

  • The national ranks (1-99%) compare your performance to the national student population, not only students who have taken the SSAT

(4) Predicted 12th Grade SAT Score (grades 7-10 only)

NOTE: While the Essay section is not graded, a copy of the essay accompanies each SSAT score report that is sent to a school or consultant.

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