Residency Secrets

Understand residency through the eyes of a program director.

Get an inside view on U.S. medical residency programs at Residency Secrets, Kaplan Medical's official blog for international medical students and graduates, offshore students and incoming residents. It's your resource for information on the USMLE process, strategies and advice for attaining residency in the United States.

The primary contributor to this blog are Program Directors of Family Medicine and Internal Medicine residencies in the U.S. current residents, and Kaplan experts.

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Med School Insight

Get an inside look at life in medical school and beyond.

Want to know what to expect during rotations? Not sure about when or how to start prepping for the USMLE®? Read firsthand stories and get advice from peers who have been there at Med School Insight, the official blog of Kaplan Medical's USMLE programs for U.S. medical students.

Our blog contributors are current U.S. medical students or recent graduates. Follow them weekly through their struggles, decisions and achievements. Tour medical school through their eyes and be better prepared for your own four years.

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