Preparing for Residency Interviews

Since the majority of residency programs receive many more applications than they have interview slots, receiving an invitation to interview means that you have survived the first round of eliminations.

You Have A Residency Interview. Now What?

Learn as much as you can about the program so that you arrive prepared to ask thoughtful and specific questions. This demonstrates your interest and helps you evaluate one program against another once you've completed all your interviews. You'll receive information from the program; but you should also look at the electronic residency database (FRIEDA) and any websites for the program or its affiliated hospitals.

How Are Residency Interviews Used?

Residency programs use the interview process as a way to get to know you first hand rather than through written materials. They are interested in your motivation for medicine and for their specialty, in your communication skills and personality, in your self-confidence and your ability to handle the interview. They hope to glean insights about your level of determination, reliability, integrity, and how you might respond to criticisms and the stresses of training. They also try to weigh how you might fit in with their current residents and staff. For IMG candidates, they are especially interested in your English language skills and your understanding of the residency training process.

Learn More About The Residency Interview

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