Researching Residency Programs

Now that most residency applications are processed electronically through ERAS (the Electronic Residency Application Service), candidates have to do their own research on specific programs.

If you are currently attending a US medical school, meet with your clinical or residency advisor to identify programs that match your career goals and strengths. If you are applying as an Independent Applicant, get the Graduate Medical Education Directory (also known as the Green Book) or access the online FRIEDA database. Both of these are available through the American Medical Association and contain program information by specialty and by location.

Start your research with the NRMP Match results books, which list programs that did not fill. Keep in mind that the better a program, the more likely it will fill its positions through the Match. Programs that offer competitive training, high fellowship acceptance rates, high specialty board exam passing rates, strong and receptive leadership, and a balance between education and service tend to fill their positions each year.

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