USMLE Step 1 Live Online
Question-Based Integration

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Classes are held from 6:00pm-10:00pm ET

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Kaplan's experts designed this review course for those who want to excel on Step 1. It is tailored to the needs of medical students and International medical graduates who have completed a comprehensive course and want to pull high-yield concepts together as test day approaches.

Here is what Question-Based Integration offers you:

  • 28 hours of live online, case-based review over 7 sessions: Pathophysiology (2 sessions), Biochemistry (2 sessions), Pharmacology (2 sessions), Microbiology (1 session)
  • Access to the best team of expert Integration Faculty: Dr. Sam Turco, Dr. Steve Harris, Dr. Kim Moscatello, Dr. Frank Noto
  • Engaging, patient-based questions that review high-yield basic science concepts in an interactive approach
  • Indication of your readiness for taking the USMLE Step 1 exam
  • Convenience and flexibility to attend from anywhere you have Internet access
  • Real-time answers to your questions by our Faculty and physician teaching assistants
Dr. Sam Turco

Dr. Steve Harris

Dr. Kim Moscatello

Dr. Frank Noto
(Pathology and Physiology)

"I loved his class!!! He really integrated things from everywhere!!! This was the best!!!"

"He made a difficult subject a lot easier for students to understand and provided ways to break down questions to where they made sense."

"Dr. Moscatello is wonderful!! ... She explains things so clearly and gives us fun ways to remember things that really stick. She is an excellent teacher that has a knack for breaking things down."

"Dr. Noto worked through cases with us from presentation to management of patients which was very helpful and expanded my knowledge of certain areas... He is an excellent teacher."