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Kaplan Medical offers an ongoing series of free events on our courses, insights on the USMLE®, test-taking strategies and residency tips and information. We hope you'll join us either at a Kaplan Medical center near you or via our live, online classroom from wherever you have internet access.

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April 1
9pm - 10pm ET

Improve Your Match Competitiveness:
Strengthen Your Application

Get inside information from the experts on how you can increase your chances of obtaining a Residency position in the United States. Attend this free event and learn about the USMLE®, application requirements, and The Match

April 8
9pm - 10pm ET

Cardiology for USMLE® Step 3
with Dr. Castro

Let's get to work.

Join us for a preview of our Step 3 Classroom Anywhere course with a free Cardiology lecture presented by Dr. Manuel Castro. This hour of high-yield Cardiology review will help you ace your boards. Get access to the classroom from anywhere you have Internet access and have physician teaching assistants answer your questions real-time.

Here's what our students are saying about Dr. Castro:

“POWERFUL APPROACH!!!!! I nominate for best lecturer! PREPARATION EXCEEDED expectations. A slide for every talking point WITH questions... INSPIRING! Really appreciated lung infiltrate and occupational disease tips as well as word associations. I am SOOO EMPOWERED. Watch out USMLE STEP 3! Thank you, Dr. Castro!!”

April 13
6pm - 10pm ET

April 14
5:45pm - 10pm ET

Step 2 CK Observation Gallery:
Endocrinology with Dr. Faselis

Expertise at the right pace

Join us for the first two nights of our Step 2 CK Classroom Anywhere class with Dr. Faselis Don't miss 8 hours of free high-yield Endocrinology lecture—one of the most important subjects of Internal Medicine on Step 2 CK. Get access to the classroom from anywhere you have Internet access and have physician teaching assistants answer your questions real-time.

Here's what our students are saying about Dr. Faselis:

"Hands down the best to help us understand heme/onc, rheuma, pharm cases. ... I have never understood certain concepts about ITP, iron deficiency, clotting factors etc, as am far from my med school years... He was very engaging, and if he perceived some were not getting the point, would repeat it again. ... EXCELLENT!!!"

April 16
9pm - 10pm ET

Rock with Barone
Pathology for Step 1 Sample lecture

He'll tattoo it to your brain.

Rock with Dr. John Barone as he previews our popular Step 1 Classroom Anywhere course with a free Pathology lecture. Dr. Barone is known for his high-yield, high-energy classes that are filled with mnemonics and songs to help you Rock the Boards!

Here's what our students are saying about Dr. Barone:

"He is the best teacher any student could ever ask for. Somehow, he makes you want to study harder and do better. I feel blessed that I got that chance to be his student. He puts a lot of effort into teaching and he really cares about his students."

April 22
9pm - 10pm ET

Manage Your Study Time

Learn how to manage your study time efficiently with Kaplan’s strategies for success, and get your questions answered in real-time. Sign up today and find out how our experts can help you succeed on the boards and in The Match.

May 4
6pm - 10pm ET

May 5
5:45pm - 10pm ET

Step 3 Observation Gallery with Dr. Faselis
Pulmonary (5/4) and Gastro (5/5)

Expertise at the right pace.

Join us for these two Step 3 Classroom Anywhere classes with Dr. Faselis and ace your Step 3. Don't miss 8 hours of high-yield lecture. Seats are limited, save your spot today.

Here's what our students are saying about Dr. Faselis:

"Dr. Charles Faselis is an excellent teacher. The best part about his teaching is he always asked us 'Everyone ok with this'. ... He would also feel disappointed when we answered some questions wrong and would take efforts to explain the topic well. This shows he cared a lot about our progress. I thank him very much."

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