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Kaplan Medical offers an ongoing series of free events on our courses, insights on the USMLE®, test-taking strategies and residency tips and information. We hope you'll join us either at a Kaplan Medical center near you or via our live, online classroom from wherever you have internet access.

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January 20
6pm - 10pm ET

January 21
5:45pm - 10pm ET

Step 2 CK Observation Gallery
Epidemiology with Dr. Charles Faselis

Join Dr. Faselis for the first two nights of our popular Step 2 CK Classroom Anywhere™ course and get more than 8 hours of high-yield Epidemiology lecture – free. Reserve your space today and boost your score on test day.

January 26
6pm - 10pm ET

January 27
5:45pm - 10pm ET

Step 3 Observation Gallery
Ob/Gyn with Dr. Elmar Sakala

Join us for these two Step 3 Classroom Anywhere™ classes with the expert instructor, Dr. Elmar Sakala and ace your Step 3. Don't miss 8 hours of high-yield Ob/Gyn lecture —one of the most important subjects on Step 3. Seats are limited, save your spot today.

February 9
9pm - 10pm ET

Navigating Your Rank Order List
with Dr. Alice Akunyili

Learn everything you need to know about your rank order list, including strategies for maximizing your chance at matching the first time. Get your questions answered in real-time with Dr. Akunyili. Our experts can help you succeed on the Boards and in The Match℠.

February 10
9pm - 10pm ET

Question-Based Integration Preview
with Dr. Turco

”If Biochemistry doesn't make sense then you need to hear it from me.”

Join us for a free Question-Based Integration sample lecture. Dr. Turco will help you put together high-yield concepts. His patient-based questions review high-yield Step 1 concepts in an interactive approach.

Here's what our students are saying about Dr. Turco:

“Dr. Turco made biochemistry come alive... His explanations were absolutely amazing, he went through every single step in a pathway and then connected it to other pathways as well as connected it clinically, to make sure that we had a complete understanding in why something was happening in the body.”

February 18
9pm - 10pm ET

Keep on rockin' with Dr. Barone
Hematology for Step 2 CK Sample lecture

He'll tattoo it to your brain.

Rock with Dr. John Barone as he previews our popular Step 2 CK Classroom Anywhere™ course with a free Hematology lecture. Dr. Barone is known for his high-yield, high-energy classes that are filled with mnemonics and songs to help you Rock the Boards.

Here's what our students are saying about Dr. Barone:

“He is the best teacher any student could ever ask for. Somehow, he makes you want to study harder and do better. I feel blessed that I got that chance to be his student. He puts a lot of effort into teaching and he really cares about his students.”

February 21
11am - 12pm ET

Physiology for Step 1
with Dr. Wilson

Physiology will finally make sense to you after you learn it from Kaplan's top-rated faculty and Physiology master, Dr. Wilson. Get expert, high-energy review and real-time answers to your questions. Reserve your space now in this free live online lecture and see why students love Dr. Wilson's lectures and our Step 1 Classroom Anywhere™ course.

February 23
9pm - 10pm ET

Infectious Diseases for Step 2 CK
with Dr. Frank Noto

“Don't just memorize it. Understand it.”

Join us for a preview of our Step 2 CK course with a free Infectious Diseases sample lecture presented by Dr. Frank Noto. You will receive access to Kaplan's top-rated faculty in live, online lectures covering the most relevant content and expert insight into the Step 2 CK exam.

Here's what our students are saying about Dr. Noto:

“Very engaging lectures. He is able to cover the basic elements of each topic without digging too deep into material that is not high yield for the exam. Probably the best lectures of the entire course.”

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