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Getting ready for USMLE Step 1? Want a fast-paced course that gets you ready in time for Test Day?

Kaplan has you covered with our Step 1 High Yield. Step 1 High Yield is a fast-paced, online course developed by Kaplan Medical's Master Faculty and taught by high-scorers on the USMLE Step 1.

What does Step 1 High Yield offer?

  • The most concise prep to streamline your review. Get complete organ-system coverage in 50 hours. Includes page references to First Aid and medEssentials.
  • The most USMLE Step 1-style practice questions available to prep for test day. Get over 3,500 exam-like questions including Kaplan's Step 1 QBank, question sets after each 30-minute lecture, 1 diagnostic exam, and 2 full-length simulated USMLE Step 1 exams.
  • On-the-go access. Turn down time into a higher score with free Qbank integrated mobile app for iPhone® and Android™ and lectures optimized for iPad® and iPad mini.
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