Medical Residency: Strategies for Success

Learn exclusive information on The Match process and hear advice from residency experts at our Medical Residency: Strategies for Success event series. Give yourself a better chance. Attend online. Sign up for free!

September 18
8pm - 9pm ET / 5pm - 6pm PT

Medical Residency Applications: Advice & Tips from Residents

Find out from current residents what it takes to match. In this exclusive event you’ll hear exactly how successful residents prepped for USMLE®, applied for residency and prepared for residency interviews. Learn from their mistakes and get the advice you need to get your top-choice residency.

September 25
8pm - 9pm ET / 5pm - 6pm PT

Medical Residency Interview Practice

Ace your interviews with this residency interview advanced workshop. Learn how to answer challenging questions during your interviews and get tips to avoid the common mistakes that applicants make on their interviews.

September 30
8pm - 9pm ET / 5pm - 6pm PT

Medical Residency Application Advice from Dr. Conrad Fischer

Get the inside scoop on obtaining a residency from guru Conrad Fischer, MD. Dr. Fischer has over 20 years of experience teaching USMLE and helping students obtain a residency in the United States. He’s also a Residency Program Director at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn and can give you all the information you need to apply smarter, make your residency application stand out and improve your odds of matching.

October 2
8pm - 9pm ET / 5pm - 6pm PT

Medical Residency Applications: Advice & Tips from Program Directors

Get inside tips and strategies on The Match℠ process for residency. In this candid setting, Program Directors will discuss: what they look for, how they filter candidates, and what you should include in your personal statement and letters of recommendation. Learn what to avoid on interview day and how to ace your interviews in this exclusive event.

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