NAPLEX Strategy Sessions

There is no question that the best strategy for NAPLEX® success is to know the material. Without content knowledge, your chances of passing, let alone doing well on the NAPLEX, are slim to none. However, knowing the content doesn't guarantee a high score. You also need to be able to APPLY that knowledge in the way outlined in the NAPLEX Competency Areas. And you need to make sure you can answer the questions in the allotted time! There is nothing more frustrating than running out of time on a standardized test.

In addition, to score well on the NAPLEX you'll need to keep your composure. There will be many questions where you won't know the answer. Good test-takers won't panic! They will systematically eliminate the distracters they know are wrong and will then guess and move on.

The Countdown to Test Day

  1. Tips for the Week Before the Exam
  2. Tips for the Day Before the Exam
  3. Tips for Exam Day