NAPLEX QBank is a customizable online tool that provides targeted practice to help you identify and focus on the areas where you need the most improvement. It offers you the opportunity to practice specific subjects or create exam simulations and apply content knowledge to exam-style scenarios.

What Makes NAPLEX Qbank Unique?

  • With Until Your Test™ Access (12 months), you can get started earlier for a higher score
  • Kaplan's distinctive Question Bank has over 1,000 exam-relevant and updated questions
  • Provides a great experience answering in the current CBT format so you feel prepared for the real exam

Course Structure

  • Choose between Until Your Test™ or one-month access. Get started earlier for a higher score. Keep it until test day.
  • Over 1,000 NAPLEX-style questions
  • Use it as a study aid and/or practice tool and review specific subjects, or create a test-like experience

Additional Features

  • Customize practice tests by choosing topics by discipline and/or patient cluster, used or unused items
  • Build stamina using the Timed Mode or see explanations as you work in Tutor Mode
  • Improve your understanding with complete and detailed explanations which include why the right answer is correct, and why all of the distracters are incorrect
  • Track your progress with continuously updated onscreen performance feedback by discipline and patient cluster
  • Study wherever and whenever you want—24/7 over your enrollment period