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NBDE CenterPrep Combo

The same comprehensive programs of Part I and Part II combined so you have continuous support as you prep for both exams.

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NBDE CenterPrep

Benefit from comprehensive video instruction by our expert teachers at a center location
near you.

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NBDE Qbank

Score higher and assess your progress with Qbank, accessible anywhere you have
internet access.

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A choice of resources for optimum prep

  • Comprehensive Lecture Notes
  • Videos
  • Qbanks, Subject Tests, Diagnostic and Practice Exams
  • Test-taking Strategies
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Practice with exam-like questions

For example, our Part I Qbank features Testlets, just like on the actual exam. No one else gives you the same kind of practice.

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Products that work with you

Choose from products that work with your schedules based upon your particular needs.