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Exam Prep Coming Soon

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Kaplan's ExamPrep covers all the material you'll cover throughout nursing school, so that whenever a test is on the way, you can study without digging for old notes or printing out dozens of practice exams. With ExamPrep for Nursing Students you can:

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I like the fact that you can create your own tests, name them and save to take again later. It gives me a better perspective of what I am learning and whether I truly understand the content. It brings another level of understanding to whatever course or specialty you are studying.

– Kelly S., NCLEX-RN Student

• Create a personal plan that focuses on the subjects you need to master
• Make a personalized study guide from over 900 topics
• Build custom practice tests from approximately 2,000 questions
• Get combined audio and visual review with over 75 hours of video lecture
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• Review and print detailed ePages on hundreds of study topics
• Track your progress and evaluate your scores to guide continuous improvement
• Get detailed explanations for answer choices to help identify strengths and weaknesses

ExamPrep is an On Demand course that lets you prep any time from any computer where you have an internet connection. Whether it's your first day of nursing school or a few weeks before graduation, ExamPrep's content can be modified to fit your needs.