NCLEX-PN® Qbank + Review Book

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Kaplan Nursing's NCLEX-PN Content Review Guide is available to purchase as a paperback through Amazon once you enroll and access your course's online resources on your Kaptest Homepage.

What Makes NCLEX-PN® Qbank Unique?

Test your NCLEX-PN knowledge with this online question bank of more than 1,000 test-like questions. With Qbank, you can customize your own quizzes in a variety of ways, including by categories of the test plan, unused questions, questions you previously answered incorrectly, under timed conditions, and more. You'll also get comprehensive explanations for every answer, as well as detailed performance feedback, helping you track and measure your progress.

In addition, the NCLEX-PN Content Review Guide walks you through frequently tested nursing content in an easy-to-read outline format. It's an indispensable resource for getting the knowledge and testing strategies you need to succeed on the PN exam.

Qbank + NCLEX-PN Content Review Guide is the ideal way to get the in-depth nursing review you need combined with the ability to test that knowledge with exam-like practice experience. Watch the video to learn more.

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