The Application Process

Beginning in April of 2001, many of the accredited PA programs began to participate in the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA). This change means that you can now apply online and fill out only one application, then designate as many PA programs as you like to receive your application from CASPA. This centralized service assembles an applicant's application, standardized test scores, school transcripts, and recommendation letters and verifies them before distributing the package to the designated PA programs listed by that applicant. Programs look over the applications and then contact desirable applicants directly to obtain supplemental information, arrange interviews, and make final selection decisions.

Applicants should visit the CASPA web site for detailed application instructions. Applicants may call 617-612-2080 or email at to contact CASPA's customer service, which will provide help to applicants who have questions about completing their online application. Applicants should call or write directly to PA programs that do not participate in CASPA to obtain application information, or look for this information on the individual web sites of these schools.