PA School Prerequisites

PA programs vary in terms of what courses, degrees and other prerequisites they require. Basically, these variations are based on the type of degree the programs offer.

Programs awarding a Master's degree often require a Bachelor's degree and possibly GRE scores as well.

Programs awarding a Bachelor's degree usually require at least 2 years of college courses in basic sciences, math, some specialized science coursework such as Microbiology, and English/writing courses. Those interested in applying should contact individual PA programs for specific admissions requirements.

Because of the variation in types of degrees offered and required prior education, there is no pre-PA major offered to students who want to apply to PA school as there is for medical students. However, having exposure to the courses mentioned above, to medical terminology, and some knowledge of biochemistry and genetics will certainly help students survive the coursework once they gain admission to a PA program.

The most unique aspect what PA programs expect of applicants is the requirement for some health care experience. While this experience could be voluntary, many applicants to PA programs are from nurses, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, or those who received medical corpsman training during military service.