Researching Accredited Programs

If you are currently in university, you may be able to obtain information about accredited Physician Assistant programs in your area by visiting your school's guidance office. You can also search online. One place to start your search is by visiting the web site of the Physician Assistant Education Association. The web site features a state-by-state list of all currently accredited PA programs in the US. Once you identify specific programs of interest, you may also want to check to see whether the programs have their own web sites containing information about their curriculum, admissions process, prerequisites, etc. Because there are so many variations among programs, and because program requirements may have changed since the web site was last updated, it is also wise to contact the PA programs directly by phone, email, or regular mail to request an applicant information packet.

Another good web site to visit as you begin to explore PA programs is that of the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA), which lists all accredited PA programs, as well as those which are in the process of review for accreditation.

After examining the information on specific programs, and deciding which programs you plan to apply to, make separate files for each program and sequence them by application deadlines so that you won't inadvertently miss out on applying to any with earlier due dates.