Understanding Your Score

Your PANCE score is a scaled score, which means that it does not report the number of items answered correctly, or a percentage answered correctly. Rather, the scaled scoring system involves the number correct as well as the relative difficulty of those items. There are different versions of the exam, which vary slightly in difficulty. A slightly lower percent correct is required for examinees receiving a more difficult version of the test, while a slightly higher percent correct is required for examinees receiving a slightly less difficult version of the test.

PA graduates from 2003 on have up to six attempts in six years to pass the exam, and may take the exam once in any 90 day period or 3 times in a given year.

Once examinees have registered for the PANCE, and have received their three-month eligibility window, they can request a letter from the NCCPA verifying their eligibility status to be sent to their state board in order to obtain a temporary license. The Credentialing Info Release form, from the examinees personal record, may be sent by fax, email, or regular mail., Check the NCCPA web site at https://www.nccpa.net/Faq#1 for specific addressing information for the applicable sending method.