Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics:

  1. Qualifications & Requirements
  2. Application Process
  3. The Opportunity

Qualifications & Requirements

Do I need previous teaching experience?
No, previous teaching experience is not a requirement. Many candidates find previous experience in teaching/coaching/training helpful, but it is not a requirement.

I am only proficient in one section of the exam I would like to teach. Am I still an eligible candidate?
No. Kaplan teachers are generalists and are proficient in all sections of the exams that they are teaching. On occasion we will hire subject specialists for content-heavy tests such as the MCAT (specialists in the biological sciences, physical sciences, etc.), but in general we require our faculty to score at or above the 90th percentile on all sections of the exam they are teaching.

If you are unable to meet the requirements to teach for us, you can find additional open positions across any of Kaplan's businesses by visiting

Is it possible for me to teach test prep courses for multiple exams? I've scored extremely well on multiple standardized tests.
Yes. The primary requirement is that you have taken the exam you are interested in teaching for and have achieved a score at or above the 90th percentile on that test. We will help train you to teach for other exams where you have achieved scores at or above the 90th percentile.

In addition, once you are hired as a teacher for Kaplan, you can take additional qualifying exams with us to score qualify to teach test prep for other exams.

I completed a diagnostic test at a local Kaplan center and score qualified to teach for Kaplan. What is my next step?
Congratulations! Score qualification is the first requirement in applying to teach for Kaplan. You are now ready to apply online through our website.

Application Process

How long does the application process take?
Our teacher selection, training and hiring process varies, but it generally takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks to audition and interview with us and an additional 1-2 weeks to complete our paid pre-class training (with continued training through your first class).

The Opportunity

Who are my students?
Your students will have diverse backgrounds, but generally reflect the population of test takers for the respective exam you are teaching. For example, MCAT students are typically undergraduate students who are on a pre-med track (future MDs).

Where do classes take place?
Instruction takes place in a variety of settings including Kaplan Centers; off-site rented classroom facilities; and online via our Classroom Anywhere™ or Live Online platform, where you may teach from home or remotely.

What is Live Online?
Live Online is a synchronous, online environment for teaching and tutoring, which allows instructors to teach from remote locations, including one's own home. Many of our most experienced and successful faculty teach both in-person classes and in our Live Online environment. There is a separate certification and training process set up for our Live Online instructors.

Will I need to create my own curriculum or syllabus?
No, you will use Kaplan's predefined and proven curriculum to help students achieve success.

Is teaching for Kaplan part or full time?
We offer both types of opportunities, but the vast majority of our openings are for part-time instructors. On average, our part-time instructors work anywhere from 6-20 hours a week, between class and preparation time. We pay for both "in class" and "out of class" prep time.

I work during the day/am a student, so I need a position that is flexible with my hours. Is this possible?
Yes. Our classes usually run on evenings and weekends, so it's an ideal schedule for students or professionals who are looking to supplement their income in their off hours. We also have a robust schedule of classes via our Live Online platform that allows for qualified instructors to choose from schedules that span multiple time zones. For example, a California-based instructor on Pacific Time may be assigned a Live Online course that starts at 7 pm Eastern Time. In this instance, the California-based teacher would begin teaching at 4 pm local time.

Is the position transferable? I may be moving to another area of the country in the near future, but I am still interested in applying to teach for Kaplan.
Yes, teaching for Kaplan does offer opportunities for transferring locations. We offer classes and opportunities to teach nationwide and Live Online.

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