September 28, 2011
Lucas Weingarten

The GMAT—a test that is specifically designed for aspiring graduate level business students—is confronted with a relatively new (last couple years) competitor, the GRE, a test traditionally associated with any program besides business, law, or medicine.  Why?  ETS, the company behind the GRE, has recently received the GRE (August 2011), and the “new GRE” is even more similar to the GMAT than the “old GRE” was.  Some might speculate (I among them) that the major GRE revision was a move to try to grab market share. Here are the results:

  • 2009: 24% of programs accept the GRE as an alternative to the GMAT;
  • 2010: 39%
  • 2011: 52%

Those numbers are based on an annual survey of 250+ business schools conducted by Kaplan. As you can see, this year is the first one since we’ve started tracking the issue that a majority of business schools have accepted the GMAT.

If you surf the websites of the two tests, you’ll find lots of stuff on the GRE site focusing on business schools and would-be MBA students.  For example, here’s a link to a page titled “Taking the GRE® revised General Test for Business School is a Smart Choice.”  Here’s another for an article written back in December 2010 describing and providing links to a comparison tool created so business schools can more easily translate submitted GRE scores into GMAT scores.  Wanna watch a seven minute video that goes on and on about why accepting the GRE is a “good business decision?”  Have a look at the ever-growing list of b-schools that are now accepting both the GRE and the GMAT.

Click over to the GMAT’s site ( and you will find hints of GMAC’s main counterstrike: Integrated Reasoning. You’ll need to learn more about Integrated Reasoning if you’ll be taking the GMAT in 2012, because in June of 2012 the GMAT will have an entirely new section, with a separate score and 4 new question types. I hear that we’ll have more to say about that with a white paper coming out in October. The plot thickens…


Lucas Weingarten Lucas Weingarten is a full-time instructor for Kaplan Test Prep and he loves preparing GRE students for Test Day. The classroom is Lucas’ arena. When he cannot be found in one of Kaplan’s cage matches of learning, he is very likely dancing around DePaul University’s College of Commerce/Kellstadt Graduate School of Business in Chicago professing various courses offered by the Department of Management, up to and including monikers such as: “Managing for Effective and Ethical Organizational Behavior,” “Entrepreneurship Strategy,” “Strategic Managements and Analysis,” “Human Resource Management,” “Recruitment and Selection,” and “Foundations of Business Thought and Theory.” (Although that last one was cancelled just before the quarter started and he’s still not gotten over it.) Lucas spent most of his formative years in North Carolina, but hit the long road as soon as he was able. A world traveler with a currently expired passport, he has lived on and wandered around three continents with the expressed intention of finishing the job. He holds a BFA with a concentration in sculpture as well as an MBA with dual concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Finance. When not challenging standardized tests to a duel or wondering how to corrupt the business students of America, Lucas can be found brewing delicious beers, riding-then-fixing-then-riding his motorcycle, hanging out with dogs, pretending he’s a good cook, and feeling like the luckiest guy in the world to have such a fantastic wife and endlessly amazing young son. He’s in Milwaukee now, but is in Chicago often. Email him anytime about anything at:

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