Don’t Delay: Finding Time to Prep for Your LSAT Now!

February 14, 2012
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If you’re reading this, you probably know that LSAT prep is a must.  I mean, it’s only the rest of your life that’s impacted by the law school you’ll attend and how much it will cost you to go there.  And it’s well established that your LSAT score is a huge factor in law school admissions decisions.

I’ve known many folks who were serious about their LSAT score neglect or postpone their prep even after setting aside time and money for it.  Something always manages to come up.  For those still in college, midterms are looming ahead or a ten page course paper is due, and they just need to take a few weeks off from LSAT studying in order to get past this.  Or maybe Spring Break was intended for LSAT studying, but a beachside vacation sounds more appealing and will supposedly provide a necessary refresher for them to come back more devoted to their studying than ever.  For those in the workforce, their boss has given them an important deadline, and if they can just get this project done, then they’ll have time to devote to studying for the LSAT.

The problem is, something else always manages to come up, and these folks often don’t return to their prep.  After midterms are finals.  After Spring Break is summer break.  After one deadline comes another.

In modern, busy lives, it’s not easy to make time for LSAT study, but as noted above, it’s absolutely imperative that you do.  It’s understandable that whatever crisis is immediate is what seems like it should be the number one priority.  But we tell ourselves lies when we say that there will be a better time to study.  Something will always come up.

Not prioritizing your LSAT study may mean that you don’t get to attend law school.  It may mean that you pay over a hundred thousand dollars for your law school education.  It may mean going to a low ranked law school instead of your dream school.

So, what can you do besides postpone your prep until some magical time when you no longer have anything else going on in your life?  First, be honest with yourself and know that the next three months you’ve set aside to prepare for the June LSAT are going to be really, really busy and that you may not always meet your school or work deadlines or that you may not get to travel and party for Spring Break.  Second, prioritize your LSAT prep before everything else (within reason, of course…you still need to eat, sleep, etc.).  Ask your friends and family to respect your time.  Try to structure your work schedule so that you have time to study, either before work or during breaks from work.  Third, remember that you don’t need long blocks of time to study and that short study sessions, if done often, work well.  Fourth, if the first three items don’t work, take careful stock of whether now is the right time to take the LSAT.  If it’s not, then plan to take it when you can devote several months to studying for it.

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