Retaking the LSAT in October – Part Two

July 10, 2012
Jesse R. Borges PhD

The previous discussion covered questions you should ask yourself regarding your previous performance, now we’re looking toward the future …

As you contemplate whether you should retake the test, you need to consider your past performance but you also need to consider:

Will you have the time and peace of mind that you need to effectively prepare for the October administration of the LSATLSAT Blog

After all, some of you who significantly underperformed on the June LSAT did so primarily, if not simply, because you needed more LSAT preparation or you were not in the right mental state on or around test day.  So while perhaps you really should retake the exam again, if you’re probably not going to be able to get what you need in terms of preparation and peace of mind for the October test, there’s a real question as to whether this will be the right time for you to retake the exam.

The questions in the previous post and the above question will be key to getting many of you off to a solid start in thinking through whether you should retake the LSAT in October.  But, keep in mind that depending on your particular situation, there may be additional questions that you’ll need to ask yourself.  For instance, a few of you who are confident about having the time and peace of mind necessary to prepare for the LSAT in October may not have thought about the killer upper level courses that you may have scheduled for the fall semester.  And while the LSAT is mega-important to your chances for law school admission, we don’t want you bombing out of your courses!  In fact, we want to see applicants maintain, if not increase, their GPA’s during the fall, and then send those final grades to admissions when they’re confirmed (which is usually after they’ve submitted their applications).   This is yet another issue to think about.

We also want to assure you that we know that there are other types of scenarios to consider.  For instance, some of you who prepared for the LSAT appropriately and achieved the exact score you were aiming for may now be thinking, “gee, I now think that I can score even higher and make myself a stronger candidate for even more competitive programs.”  This could be a good reason to retake the exam in October, if you’re weighing all the issues properly.

So, to retake or not to retake?  This is often among the most challenging questions that someone can face during an application year.  But as long as you ask yourself the right questions, you’ll be much more prepared to make a confident, and ultimately, a wise choice.

Jesse R. Borges PhD

Jesse R. Borges PhD During the past 20+ years, including 15 with Kaplan, where I serve as Senior Admissions Consultant & Trainer, I’ve personally advised more than 1,500 graduate school applicants, and helped my clients gain admission to nearly every ABA-approved Law School in the United States. My expertise covers not only admission to law school, but also business, public policy, international affairs and social science programs. I have a PhD from Princeton University, and have previously been honored as Kaplan Graduate Admissions Consultant of the Year, as well as as National Consultant of the Year. When I’m not working with clients at Kaplan, I’m running The MBA Admissions Center, which is my MBA admissions consulting practice. You can find my complete bio at

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