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At Kaplan, our focus is on you—we don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach. We'll help you select the course from our suite of SAT offerings that best meets your individual needs and goals. Whether in-class, in-home, or online, Kaplan programs will give you the complete, realistic, and convenient SAT prep that will help you score higher. Guaranteed—or your money back. Classes subject to change or cancellation.

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SAT Prep

Benefit from convenient schedules and structured class sessions taught by an expert teacher. Our targeted options, backed by Kaplan's Higher Score Guarantee, will help you reach your goals.

SAT Classroom 128 Classes Near You Starting at $699 or 3 installments of $233 View Classes
SAT Classroom Anywhere 51 Classes $599 or 3 installments of $199.67 View Classes
Unlimited Prep

Get unlimited access membership to Kaplan's PSAT, SAT, and ACT courses. You can retake PSAT, SAT, and ACT classes, either in a classroom, Classroom Anywhere or online. Backed by our Higher Score Guarantee for SAT and ACT courses.

Unlimited Prep $1,099 or 3 installments of $366.33 Enroll
SAT Premier Tutoring

Benefit from individual instruction from an expert private tutor on a customized schedule at your location. Backed by our Higher Score Guarantee for tutoring packages of 20 hours and up.

Premier Tutoring: SAT Masters (32 Hr) $4,999 or 3 installments of $1,666.33 Enroll
Premier Tutoring: SAT Honors (26 Hr) $4,399 or 3 installments of $1,466.33 Enroll
Premier Tutoring: SAT Review (20 Hr) $3,499 or 3 installments of $1,166.33 Enroll
Premier Tutoring: SAT Total Advantage (48 Hr) Call now for prices and availability
Premier Tutoring: Sat Express (14 Hr) Call now for prices and availability
SAT Small Group Tutoring

Benefit from the personal attention of an expert private tutor combined with the dynamic interaction of a small group, backed by our Higher Score Guarantee.

SAT Small Group Tutoring Call now for prices and availability
SAT On Demand

Prep online at your convenience and on your schedule, backed by our Higher Score Guarantee.

SAT On Demand $299 or 3 installments of $99.67 Enroll