Free Law School and LSAT Events

Kaplan offers numerous free events to help students get on the path to law school success.

Event Description
Law School Admissions and LSAT* Strategy Seminar
(1-1.5 hours)
Learn the law school admissions process, application tips, and the structure and scoring of the LSAT exam. Learn how to create a compelling application, including tips on personal statements and letters of recommendation.
LSAT Practice Test 
(4 hours)
Take a practice LSAT and find out how you would score on test day. You will receive a detailed analysis of your performance on the exam, including a breakdown of your performance by section and question type, along with explanations of right and wrong answers for every question.
LSAT Sample Class
(1-1.5 hours)
Learn some of Kaplan's exclusive strategies and methods to raise your LSAT score. An expert LSAT teacher will provide information on the structure and scoring of the exam, strategies you can use on tough questions types, and an overview of Kaplan's LSAT course and materials.
LSAT Advanced Sample Class
(1-1.5 hours)
Learn some of Kaplan's exclusive strategies for solving the most difficult Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension questions to ever appear on the LSAT. To enroll in LSAT Advanced, a score of 158+ on a practice test or diagnostic is required.
Secrets of the LSAT
(1 hour)
Gain valuable, score-raising insights into the underlying structure of the LSAT. You will also learn test-taking strategies and strategies for structuring your test preparation for maximum effectiveness.
Personal Statement Workshop
(1-1.5 hours)
Learn how to write a winning personal statement that gets the attention of law school admissions officers. Develop essay topics based on your vision, goals and accomplishments; focus your theme and get expert tips on writing and editing.
Law School Experience 
(1.5 hours)
Experience a mock law school class and get inside tips on what to expect during your first year. You will also work through an actual case, taught using the Socratic Method, and participate in an analysis of the legal issues.
Law School Insider
(1.5-2 hours)
Want the inside scoop on getting into law school? Learn first-hand from a panel of law school admissions officers, lawyers, and law school alumni about the most important factors in the admissions process and how to assemble a winning application.
Think About Law Forum
(2 hours)
Find out everything you need to know about law school from the experts. The Law Forum provides you with essential information on everything from applying to law school to making smart career choices.

Kaplan can schedule any of these events for your club, organization, or student body. Please let us know what event and schedule makes the most sense for your organization. Our contact info is below:

Call 1-800-KAP-TEST or visit to enroll in a free event.

*LSAT is a registered trademark of the Law School Admission Council, Inc.