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Work with a Kaplan instructor at your pace with our private LSAT tutoring. It's live and online, transporting our premium course to wherever you're most comfortable.

Personalized Instruction

LSAT Private Tutoring Anywhere puts you first. Work with a rigorously trained Kaplan instructor in real time, wherever you'd like.

  • Get tutored via webcam in our online tutoring room
  • Choose from 15-hour, 25-hour, and 35-hour packages
  • Get full access to a live Advantage course
  • Practice ad nauseam with a PrepTest library of 70+ exams – and self-proctoring tools
  • You'll be ready thanks to 7,000+ practice questions and custom quizzes
  • Complete explanations to every released LSAT question at your fingertips

The Kaplan Difference

  • Smart Reports™ will single out, then remedy, your weaknesses
  • Smart Reports™ will prescribe what instruction and which practice is right for you

A Higher Score Guarantee means:

  • If you don't improve, you get your money back
  • If you're not ready to take the LSAT or are unsatisfied with your score, take another class with Kaplan for free
  • Any make-up classes you need are free

Hear it from students just like you

More students get into law school with an LSAT class from Kaplan than with any other course.*

*The Harris Interactive® online study for Kaplan was conducted between December 6th and 21st, 2007 among 149 US adults who applied to and were admitted into law school, of whom 125 took the LSAT and a course to prepare for it. Teacher ratings based on student responses received from December 6, 2009 - June 6, 2010.