Free Medical School and MCAT Events

Kaplan offers numerous free events to help students succeed in the medical school application process.

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Event Description
Path to Medical School
(1.5 hours)
Review the medical school admissions process, application tips, and the structure and scoring of the MCAT exam. Learn how to create a compelling application, including tips on personal statements and letters of recommendation.
MCAT Practice Test
(3.5 hours)
Test your skills with this free practice MCAT and see how you would score on test day. Participants will receive a detailed analysis of their performance on the exam, including individual strengths and weaknesses on every question type. If you're planning to take the new MCAT in 2015, make sure to take our one-third length MCAT 2015 practice test.
MCAT Preview Class
(1.5 hours)
Preview a Kaplan MCAT Class for free. Attend this free class and learn valuable strategies and methods to raise your MCAT score. An expert MCAT teacher will provide information on the structure and scoring of the exam, strategies you can use on tough question types, and an overview of Kaplan's MCAT course and materials.
MCAT 2015: The Inside Scoop
(1 hour)
In 2015 the MCAT is undergoing the largest change in the past 25 years. Entirely new content areas in Psychology, Sociology, and Biochemistry, plus an exam that’s almost twice as long (including a lunch break). Learn about all of the changes, which exam is right for you, and how to get prepared.
MCAT Quiz Bowl Tournament
(1–2 hours)
Looking for a fun event to run with your club? Try MCAT Quiz Bowl! This interactive game show event uses simulated MCAT questions in a quiz bowl interface (think Jeopardy) to engage everyone in the audience and help students see first hand some of the ways that the MCAT tests content knowledge. Work with your local Kaplan rep to schedule for your group.
Personal Statement Workshop
(1 hour)
Discuss the important role your application essays play in your medical school admissions package. Develop essay topics based on your vision, goals and accomplishments; focus your theme and get expert tips on writing and editing.
The Pulse
(1 hour)
Produced in partnership with the American Medical Students Association (AMSA), The Pulse is Kaplan’s monthly online discussion forum featuring medical school deans, undergraduate advisors, and current medical students, discussing the most important issues in medicine and the application process. Find out about this month’s event by going here.

Kaplan can schedule any of these free events specifically for your employees, club, organization, or student body. Please let us know what event and schedule makes the most sense for your organization. Our contact info is below.

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