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The Pulse: Making the Most of Your Summer

Monday, May 19th  |  8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

How can you make the most of your summer and still prepare yourself for med school? We’ll show you. In this episode of The Pulse, we’ll be discussing ways to prep for the MCAT, beef up your application with extra course work, and explore clinical & research opportunities; all without compromising your summer. Reserve your spot and learn about essential summer opportunities you may not be aware of.

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On May 19th, join our expert panel:

Tyler Fara

Tyler Fara

Academic Director - San Diego

Tyler started teaching for Kaplan in 2010 while also working as a molecular genetics researcher. He quickly fell in love with the dynamic nature of teaching and transitioned to teaching the MCAT full time. Tyler loves speaking in front of crowds, and it shows: His love of teaching, his passion for helping students, and his zeal for science helped earn him the recognition of Southwest Pre-health Teacher of the Year in 2013. Tyler currently holds a B.S. in Chemistry, an M.S. in Biomedical Science, and he is taking classes toward a graduate degree in mathematics. He's excited to direct our Summer Intensive Program in San Diego and help students achieve their MCAT goals.

Meet your moderator:

Owen Farcy

Owen Farcy

Director, MCAT 2015

Owen Farcy is director of MCAT 2015 for Kaplan Test Prep, and is responsible primarily for operations and program development for the company's pre-medical programs. As a long-time top-rated faculty member for Kaplan, Owen is intimately familiar with the MCAT and medical school admissions. An interest in global health and student advocacy has helped him to work closely with several prominent pre-health student groups such as the American Medical Student Association, Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity, and Global Brigades. With a new, expanded MCAT scheduled to debut in 2015, Owen's main focus is working with students, undergraduate advisors, and medical schools to adapt to the new admissions landscape. He is also the host of The Pulse, Kaplan's monthly live web-series for pre-medical students. Owen holds a BS in Biology from Emory University, and has previously worked in environmental education and sustainable development.