Your MCAT Score

MCAT scores are typically released about 30 to 35 days after the exam. Your score report will contain four separate scores—one for each section of the test, and a composite MCAT score. The three multiple choice sections—Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, and Biological Sciences—are scored based on the number of correct answers. Your initial "raw score" is then converted to a scaled score ranging from 1-15. The sum of these three sections ranges from 3 to 45.

In addition to the four separate scores, your MCAT score report will reflect the national mean score for each section, standard deviations, national scoring profiles for each section, and your percentile ranking.

What's A Good MCAT Score?

The average numerical MCAT score at each MCAT administration is a 24, or an 8 on each of the multiple choice sections. To be considered a competitive applicant at a U.S. medical school, your goal should be to score 10's and 11's on the Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, and Biological Sciences sections, and 12's or higher if you are aiming for a top 10 medical school.