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NBDE Part I & Part II CenterPrep

With your busy schedule, do you need to be focused and efficient with your prep? NBDE CenterPrep is for students who want complete prep with flexible options.

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About CenterPrep

What Makes NBDE CenterPrep Unique?

  • Comprehensive and motivational video instruction from Kaplan Medical's expert faculty
  • The world's largest question library—Qbank includes over 2,000 practice items for each Part
  • Specific Study Strategies including Diagnostic Exams to assess your starting point
  • Over 90 hours of instruction

Course Structure

  • NBDE Part I CenterPrep covers the basic sciences along with dental anatomy and occlusion
  • NBDE Part II CenterPrep covers clinical dental science and includes 10 detailed case studies complete with Radiographs and Dental Charting

Additional Features

  • Create your own tests with Qbank and get full explanations and constant performance feedback
  • Comprehensive study materials, including the Kaplan NBDE Lecture Notes, Case Studies and Test Taking Tips

NBDE CenterPrep Combo

The same comprehensive programs of Part I and Part II combined so you have continuous support and guidance as you prep for both exams. You get 12 months of access to video lectures, practice tests, comprehensive review books and Qbanks.

Proven Track Record

Tap Into More Than 70 Years of Experience

Enroll with Kaplan and tap into more than 70 years of the combined experience of hundreds of teachers, content specialists, and test experts. Our NBDE faculty and student advisors are with you every step of the way—providing structure, academic advice, and motivation.

Our Medical Faculty

With NBDE CenterPrep, you'll benefit from expert instruction from dynamic, high-scoring instructors. At Kaplan, you can have the confidence of knowing that your instructors are specifically trained and supported by an outstanding team of academic advisors, student advisors, and curriculum specialists. It's all part of the Kaplan Difference.

Personalized Learning

Prospective students often ask us, "What makes the Kaplan NBDE program different?"

There are many things that make us unique—resources, faculty, curriculum—and you'll learn more about them. But, ultimately, the key thing that differentiates Kaplan from the rest is that our focus is on you and your goals.

NBDE Prep to Fit Your Busy Schedule

Kaplan's NBDE CenterPrep is designed for the student whose schedule demands focused and efficient prep and flexible schedule options. The course is customized to deliver the comprehensive prep you need in a concentrated amount of time. You can design your own study schedule—the videos and practice tests are available during center hours and the NBDE Qbanks are accessible wherever you have internet access, 24/7.

NBDE Part I & Part II CenterPrep

NBDE Part I CenterPrep - 6 Months

NBDE Part I CenterPrep - 3 Months

NBDE Part II CenterPrep - 6 Months

NBDE Part II CenterPrep - 3 Months

NBDE Part I & II CenterPrep Combo - 12 Months

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NBDE Qbank

Not taking a complete prep course, but still want some targeted online practice? With NBDE Qbank, you can build custom tests and track your progress with detailed reports to address your individual strengths and weaknesses on the test. Part I Qbank offers more than 2,000 questions, and Part II also offers more than 2,000 questions, with new questions being added all the time. It's a great way to target your prep for the NBDE.

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What Makes NBDE Qbank Unique?

  • Choose between Until Your Test™ (12 months) or 1 month access to Kaplan's NBDE Qbank. Get started earlier for a higher score.
  • Customize your own tests based on question type and/or subject(s)
  • Build stamina using the Timed Mode or see explanations as you work in Tutor Mode
  • Improve your understanding with complete and detailed explanations
  • Track your progress with instant performance reports
  • Study wherever and whenever you want—24/7 over your enrollment period

Course Structure

NBDE QBank is a customizable online tool that's included in our comprehensive NBDE programs. It provides targeted online practice to help you identify and focus on the areas where you need the most improvement.

NBDE Qbank Options

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