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COMLEX-USA® Level 1 Qbank and Qbank Plus

Experience test-day Déjà-vu!

Want to achieve your highest possible score on the COMLEX-USA Level 1 exam? Answer as many practice-questions as possible! Kaplan’s Qbank Plus questions are constantly updated by faculty, including ex-NBME writers. All questions are reviewed by high scorers to ensure they simulate Step 1 and Level 1 exams and are relentlessly test relevant.

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Track your performance by topic, by test, overall, and against other students. See improvement over time and how answer choice changes affect your score. Get full explanations of why each distractor is wrong and when it would be right. Access at a glance must-know information in the reKaps. Recognize a wider knowledge gap? Over 2,000 explanations include high-yield, overview tables from medEssentials.

COMLEX-USA Level 1 Qbank includes:

  • 1,400 COMLEX-USA Level 1 questions; 1,000 practice questions and 1 full COMLEX-USA Level 1 simulated exam.
  • Exam-like interface and practice, written by expert DO faculty and reviewed by high scorers
  • Full explanations. Detailed explanations of right and wrong answers.
  • Expert support. Need more help with questions? Email Kaplan's academic team at medFeedback.

Qbank Plus includes Step 1 and Level 1 Qbank:

  • Over 2,000 Step 1 and 1,400 Level 1 practice questions, 1 diagnostic test, 2 full-length simulated Step 1 exams and 1 simulated Level 1 exam
  • Visually rich content with images, clinical videos and heart sounds
  • Full explanations; reKaps, high-yield overview tables and First Aid page references
  • 200 mini-lectures (Qutorials) from expert faculty on the most challenging questions
  • Free Integrated App for iPhone® and Android™ for you to practice on the go

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