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Contest Criteria

Entries to the Most Promising Campus CEO contest will be judged according to the following criteria:

30%: Qualifications of Applicant

  • The applicant's qualifications to become a successful entrepreneur, based on personal achievement, academic accomplishments, business experience, work experience, and commitment

10%: Originality/Innovativeness of Business Concept

  • The uniqueness, originality, and innovativeness of the business concept.

35%: Soundness of Business Plan Executive Summary

  • Strength of applicant's team
  • Solidity and sustainability of the company's competitive advantages
  • Realistic and well-thought-out market entry and growth strategy

20%: Growth Potential of Company

  • Company's potential to grow
  • Realistic and promising financial projections

5%: Results of Popular Vote

  • Visitors to will be polled on their choice for Most Promising Campus CEO.

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