Kaplan's Five Basic Principles of Test Expertise

Use a Process of Answer Elimination

Using a process of elimination is another way to answer questions both quickly and effectively. There are two ways to get all the answers right on the PCAT: Knowing all the right answers, or knowing all the wrong answers. Since there are three times as many wrong answers, you should be able to eliminate some if not all of them. By doing so you get to the correct response, or at least increase your chances of guessing the correct response. You start out with a 25 percent chance of picking the right answer, and with each eliminated answer your odds go up. Eliminate one, and you'll have a 33 1/3 percent chance of picking the right one; eliminate two, and you'll have a 50 percent chance; and, of course, eliminate three, and you'll have a 100 percent chance. Increase your efficiency by actually crossing out the wrong choices in your test booklet. Remember to look for wrong-answer traps when you're eliminating. Some answers are designed to seduce you by distorting the correct answer.