Kaplan's Five Basic Principles of Test Expertise

On some tests, if a question seems particularly difficult, you spend significantly more time on it, since you'll probably be given more points for correctly answering a hard question. Not so on the PCAT. Remember, every scored PCAT question, no matter how hard, is worth a single point. There's no partial credit or "A" for effort. And since there are so many questions to do in so little time, it wouldn't make sense to spend 10 minutes getting a point for a hard question and then not have time to get a couple of quick points from three easy questions later in the section.

Given this combination—limited time, all questions equal in weight—you've got to develop a way of handling the test sections to make sure you get as many points as you can as quickly and easily as you can. Here are the principles that will help you do that:

Five Basic Principles

  1. Feel Free to Skip Around
  2. Learn to Recognize and Seek Out Questions You Can Do
  3. Use a Process of Answer Elimination
  4. Remain Calm
  5. Keep Track of Time