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The Kaplan Premier SAT one-on-one tutoring course is more than a tutor and a curriculum. It’s a robust educational journey with an SAT master as your personal guide.

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All of our SAT private tutors are vetted and highly trained. Experience the difference of having an SAT master on your side.



Rochester Hills, MI, and Live Online



New York, NY, and Live Online



New York, NY, and Live Online



Philadelphia, PA, and Live Online

Greg has been a Kaplan instructor and tutor since 2007, specializing in SAT, ACT, and PSAT instruction.

  • University of Illinois Law School - J.D.
  • University of Michigan - BA Economics

I have a lifelong love of standardized tests. I scored in the 93rd percentile or higher on every test I have attempted, including the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, and LSAT. I began my career as a real estate attorney and for three years I specialized in litigating such matters. The call of teaching though was something that I could not resist, and I have now been teaching at Kaplan for 8 years. I help my students get into the head of the test-maker. When I'm not tutoring or teaching, you can find me watching Paw Patrol with my 2-, 3-, and 5-year-old children, or teaching them proper subject-verb agreement and how to multiply with rubber duckies. I have helped students get into local dream schools all the way to the top of the Ivy League.

Daniel has been a Kaplan instructor and tutor since 2007 and specializes in SAT, ACT, PSAT, and SHSAT, in addition to History and Statistics.

  • City University of New York - PhD Sociology
  • St. John’s University - MA Sociology
  • St. John’s University - BA Sociology/History

My tutoring style begins with diagnosis of students’ strengths and weaknesses. My sessions convey all the material in a personalized way, without plodding through the book. At any level of performance, I emphasize the kinds of practice that will get my students to earn their best scores. Beyond the content, I truly love what I do with Kaplan. Most students don’t enjoy the SAT, but I try to get them to enjoy our time together and to see the value of preparation beyond the test and into college. Outside of my work with Kaplan, I am a researcher with published work in several professional journals. Specifically, my research on standardized testing and higher education provides additional depth to my discussions with students.

Among many others, my students have been accepted into Harvard, Northwestern, and Williams College.

Liz has been a Kaplan tutor since 2004, specializing in SAT,ACT, PSAT, SHSAT, SSAT, and ISEE, in addition to History, Math, Biology, and Chemistry.

  • Boston University - MBA Public and Nonprofit Finance
  • College of William and Mary - BA Theater, BBA Marketing
  • Recipient of the LEAD Fellowship while at Boston University

Outside of Kaplan, I am a theater producer working at venues all over the city. My work is mostly focused on plays in the social justice and awareness realm. I am also a huge history buff, so I can really connect with students who are interested in the arts or history. Math did not come easily to me as a kid (despite having a computer programmer for a mom and a mathematician for a dad), so I feel I am able to really break the information down for my students to help them understand. I also struggled with mild dyslexia, so I understand the struggles students with learning disabilities go through and how to help them still excel at the material. I tailor my approach to the material based on students' needs, along with enough practice on their own, to really master the material.

Over the years, I’ve helped my students get into their dream schools: Columbia, William and Mary, Virginia Tech, Johns Hopkins, and Duke to name a few.

Nab has been a Kaplan tutor since 2012, specializing in SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, and ISEE, in addition to Physics and Math.

  • Princeton University -, Nuclear Fusion Engineering
  • Temple University - BS Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude. Minor in Economics

I have been tutoring since my high-school days and have never stopped doing it since! I came to Kaplan in 2012 on an employee’s recommendation that my skillset would shine here, and I stepped up to the challenge. I received my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Temple University, and I am currently employed at Princeton as a design engineer for nuclear fusion research operations. Over the course of 10 years, I have experienced many different types of students and have been able to adapt to each situation to help them overcome their challenges and see their knowledge and scores increase. The rewards of tutoring are priceless!

My student’s have been accepted to Princeton, Yale, UPenn, Brown, MIT, Duke, UC Berkeley, NE, F&M, Bucknell, JHU, and GW to name a few!


Please select either the LIVE ONLINE or IN PERSON option.


12 Hours

Focus on one specific section of the SAT in personalized sessions.

Perfect for students looking for help in particular areas or sections of the test

Ideal for students with 3 weeks or less to prepare for their exam

Includes a full In Person or Live Online classroom course

20 Hours

Cover all SAT sections and dive deeper into content and strategies

Perfect for students looking for support and strategies across all sections of the SAT

Ideal for students with less than 6 weeks to prepare for their exam

Includes our Unlimited Prep Program ($1499 value)

32 Hours

The best way to score as high as possible on the SAT

Perfect for students looking for highly competitive scores or a significant score increase on the SAT

Ideal for students with at least 2 months to prepare for their exam

Includes our Unlimited Prep Program ($1499 value)

  • “Very responsive. Tutoring set up immediately. Flexible meetings, came to our home. Individualized plan. Excellent job. I highly recommend Kaplan.”

    - Martha M, Rochester, NY

  • “When my son walked out of the building after taking his ACT, he had a big grin on his face! He climbed in the car and said, "It was so easy! The Kaplan prep was much harder than the actual test so I was well prepared!" When we got his scores about 3-4 weeks later, I couldn't believe my eyes...a 34!!! He increased by 6 full points. This was the best investment for our son! I have told many friends about how it has helped us.”

    - Michelle F, Troy MI

  • “Jo's encouragement (almost to the point of being a cheerleader) made Kirk look forward to their sessions (online). We could have not been more pleased with the journey AND the destination (great score!!)”

    - Jill Z, Plano, TX

  • “Alice was AMAZING! Emily was a nervous test taker. She needed reassurance even more than information. Alice was kind, nurturing, supportive, positive, and helpful! She was the PERFECT solution for Emily!! It gave her the kind of score she needed to apply to the schools she is most interested in.”

    - Melanie B, Cypress, CA

  • “Both James and Erica were excellent tutors! Both thoroughly went over the content area in each section of the test. When the content was mastered then they both prepared for the actual taking of the test. Both provided excellent advice and strategies on each section of the test. This wonderful preparation prepares you for anything the College Board could possibly throw at you!”

    - Karen C, Guilderland, NY

  • “Olivia's confidence grew tremendously through her prep work with Samantha and certainly when her test scores came in! She now feels like she can reach for some of the schools she thought may have been out of reach before.”

    - Cathy O, Alexandria, VA

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