SAT® Total Advantage Tutoring

Get the most personalized preparation available with 48 hours of SAT tutoring from an expert tutor. Have hours left over? Use them to prep for SAT Subject Tests or AP Exams.* Your expert tutor will guide you one-on-one through a program customized especially for your particular needs and goals.

95% of Kaplan students get into one or more of their top choice colleges*

What Makes SAT Total Advantage Unique?

  • The most Personalized Prep: individual instruction and a custom study plan based on your needs
  • Unmatched Expertise: our expert tutors have second-to-none credentials and are ready to prepare students for the current and new SAT
  • The Ultimate in Convenience: you set the schedule
  • A Team of Experts: your Tutors and Program Manager provide timely tips and advice
  • Prep for SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams with leftover hours*
  • The Best Guarantee: higher score guaranteed or your money back**

The Kaplan Difference

Program Features

  • Up to 24 two-hour lessons plus 4-6 Practice Tests
  • Online Reports with Smart Reports™—progress, performance, and homework tracking
  • Adaptive Online Instruction—customized study plan, videos, and practice questions
  • Comprehensive study materials, including a lesson book
  • The Kaplan Higher Score Guarantee**

Included in this Program

*SAT Subject Test and AP Exam tutoring is subject to availability.
**Packages must include at least 20 hours of SAT prep to qualify for Kaplan's Higher Score Guarantee on the SAT.