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Welcome to Kaplan's Test Site Rater, a web-based test site assessment tool. We have learned through years of study that a student's test site choice can make a big impact on their test day experience. Since 2002, Kaplan has surveyed tens of thousands of LSAT test-takers on their test day experiences, and the resulting data provides ratings of over 540 LSAT test site locations around the world.

The ratings and reviews contained in Test Site Rater are collected from past test-takers. They are solely the work of those surveyed and are based on student experiences with test proctors, level of quiet and comfort, amount of desk space, and overall site experience. We have tabulated their responses and calculated an overall score for each site by test administration date. (Because test sites change regularly, only the most recent year's administrations are calculated in the tool.)

We hope that this tool helps future test-takers make the best decision possible in choosing their test site.

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