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Respect is a way of life

Trust and accountability go together. We hire experts, give them what they need, and get out of their way.

ABC: Always be curious

Curiosity drives our culture. We want students to think in new ways, and we expect no less of ourselves.

Work with your quirk

You’ll start to notice we talk a lot about our geeky culture. That’s just part of what makes us cool.

Collaborate at a learning & tech company

Our product, tech, and engineering teams focus on discovery and results. Find out how you can create scalable, best-in-class digital products that seamlessly integrate into students’ lives.

Stand behind great creative

Our marketing strategy relies on the creative vision and proven results of the KTP brand. Help bring this to life every day through integrated campaigns, ads, social, email, web, and more.

Shape how people learn

Influence how students learn by developing course curricula, assessment tools, and books in our content development and publishing divisions. See how we apply learning science to the student experience.

Affect the future of test prep

From inventing test prep in 1938 to continuing to lead it today, we didn’t get here by being timid. Discover new ventures and grow the business by thinking in new ways.

Support a dynamic business

From finance to PR to human resources, Kaplan’s operations and centralized services are the backbone of the business. No one can do it alone.

Hear from the team

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Anastasia's Journey
Sarah's Journey
Philip's Journey
Lori Masuda
Melissa's Journey

We also answer the important questions

... like, what kind of animal are we?

Spirit animals