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ACT® Kaplan Live Review

Last-minute ACT prep in time for the April test. Join our team of teachers for one or more Introductory or Advanced live lessons between 3/31 and 4/12.

Advanced Lessons

Focus on more advanced topics and learn strategies for tackling difficult questions.

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Comprehensive Review - Advanced

Brush up on Math, Science, English, and Reading for complete test-day success.

Math + Science Review - Advanced

Dive into key topics for Math and Science sections.

English + Reading Review - Advanced

Boost your skills for English and Reading sections.

Introductory Lessons

Focus on key topics and learn strategies for tackling the most common question types.

English + Reading Review - Introductory

Boost your skills for English and Reading sections.

Study the key content

Drill down on common test topics, including algebra, interpretation of data, and English Conventions.

Learn from our expert teachers

Interact with expert instructors in real time so you can get your questions answered instantly.

Fit prep into your schedule

Fit ACT prep into your busy schedule with the flexibility of live online sessions.


  • How do I know if I need Introductory or Advanced?

    If you have taken the ACT before or a practice test, look at your test scores and percentiles. Using those results, you should be able to determine if you need to brush up on key topics or if you are ready to dive into advanced material. If you’ve never taken the ACT or know you have a lot of room for improvement, you’ll probably want to start with the Introductory sessions. Looking to get in as much review as possible before test day? You can take both the Introductory and Advanced lessons as they will cover different topics.

  • What’s covered in the Math + Science sessions?

    The Introductory Math + Science session covers common topics like exponents and data interpretation, as well as some more demanding topics, such as quadratic equations and scientific investigation passages. The Advanced session goes into depth on topics including functions, trig, advanced geometry, and the most challenging Science passage and question types, such as conflicting viewpoints passages and inference questions focused on theories and hypotheses.

  • What’s covered in the English + Reading sessions?

    The Introductory English + Reading session focuses on simplifying punctuation, pronouns, and other conventions of English topics. For Reading, we'll cover passages and tips for answering questions about cause-and-effect, tone, and more. The Advanced session will cover topics such as idioms, ambiguity, sentence additions, and transitions, as well as Reading strategies for tough science passages, Command of Evidence questions, paired passages, and more.

  • What is a session like?

    Each session is hosted by a live, on-camera teacher, while several live, off-camera teachers provide support through the live chat and polls. Learn about the specifications of each test before going into more depth on the topics and question types you will see on the official exam. The Introductory sessions focus on the most tested topics, while the Advanced sessions focus on the most demanding concepts.

  • What if something happens after I register, and I can’t attend the session live?

    Your registration includes access to a prerecorded Lesson on Demand and a PDF of the session, which includes the answers and explanations for the session’s practice questions.

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