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Past Event Recordings

Racial Disparities in Mental Health Care

Racial disparities in mental healthcare are rampant. In the US, it is well documented that minorities receive less access to mental health services and lower-quality treatment than their white counterparts. During this event, our panelists will take a deep dive into what defines “racial disparities” in mental healthcare and ways in which treatment and intervention can be improved by prioritizing culturally-diverse training in higher education.

Black Pain Matters: How Historical Medical Assumptions about Black Pain Thresholds Impact Care

Historic assumptions and misconceptions about Black pain tolerance continue to impact not only the medical treatment that Black people receive today, but also the gaps in education that all medical students unknowingly face. In this event, our panelists will address well documented racial disparities in treatment―including around COVID-19―and will take a close look at Black case studies that can and should be included in medical curricula. 

Bodies for Science: History of Experimentation on People of Color

The racist history of medical practices in the U.S. are the foundations for a current healthcare system wrought with inequality and fear. In this event, panelists unpack medical breakthroughs discovered through experimentation of the bodies of people of color as well as medical ethics, existing exploitation of BIPOC and impoverished communities, and proposed solutions for remedying this ongoing atrocity.

Acknowledging Racial Inequality in Medical Education

Racial inequality in medical education is an undeniable truth, and its impact has far reaching consequences which extend beyond medical school. Today, the rallying cry for the evolution of medical education is loud and clear, but how do we even begin to confront these uncomfortable truths and work towards an equitable solution? 

The answer begins with acknowledging past―and present―inequality in medical education.

College Admissions and Scholarships in a COVID-19 World

Let Kaplan and Story2 help you determine your next steps and how to make the most of the current times. We'll review how financial aid, scholarships, and essays fit into this admissions cycle and help you focus on controlling what you still can control.

First-Gen College Students - Resources to help you through COVID-19

First-generation college students face unique challenges. Get tips, advice, and resources in this free, hour-long event with a first-generation student and our experts.

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