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What do you need to review?

Make the best use of your AP study time with Rapid Review. Each session is about 2 hours long, and you can choose as many sessions as you need to get the scores you want.

US History Review

The American Revolution to America in the World.

World History Review

Focused review on the 5 themes of World History.

Calculus AB Review

Limits, Derivatives, and more.

Biology Review

Targeted review of the 5 “big ideas” in Biology.

Chemistry Review
Live Online

Review of the 6 major themes in Chemistry.

Physics 1 Review

From Physical Properties to Periodic Motion, we have you covered.

Expert Teachers

Your AP expert focuses on the “big ideas” built into each AP exam, and teaches you how to break them down.

Realistic Test Questions

In each Rapid Review session, you’ll work on realistic exam questions, and learn how to solve them step-by-step.

Build Your Confidence

AP Rapid Review helps you beat test day jitters by giving you the extra, focused exam support and confidence-building you need before test day.


  • Can I choose more than one AP Rapid Review session?

    Yes. We know most students in AP take more than one exam, and we know that you are fitting extra studying into your already-busy schedule. Enroll for as many as Rapid Review sessions as you need, whether it’s one, two, or all.

  • What comes with an AP Rapid Review session?

    Every students receives a downloadable PDF handout that allows you to follow along with the sessions you are taking, then use as a study guide for after the session. You also have 24/7 access to a prerecorded Lesson On Demand.

  • What is a Rapid Review session like?

    Every AP Rapid Review session is hosted and run by a Kaplan teacher who is on-camera for the duration of the session. There are additional teachers in the session, off-camera, who monitor the session and offer extra help with student questions, polls, and the live chat. At the beginning of each session, there’s a short discussion on what to expect on the AP exam you’re taking, then you’ll move into the subject review.

  • What happens if I miss a live session?

    If you miss a live review session, don't worry—simply show up to the next scheduled session for that subject. Additionally, enrollment in any AP Rapid Review session includes 24/7 access to a prerecorded Lesson On Demand and a downloadable PDF of the session presentation. The PDF includes all questions given during the session and full, step-by-step explanations of the answers.