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Higher Score Guarantee Requirements

HSG Conditions and Restrictions: The higher score guarantee (HSG) does not apply to all Kaplan programs or purchases made through Groupon, Living Social or other similar intermediaries. Refer to the eligible programs on this page. The HSG for on-site eligible programs applies only to those held within the United States, Puerto Rico (except those that began before June 15, 2006), Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and France. The HSG applies to the first-time you prep with Kaplan for a particular exam (i.e, SAT, GMAT, LSAT). You must establish a baseline score before starting the program and take the official test on the date of its next administration after the program (or for those tests that are administered daily, within three months after the program), attend all required classes (or make-up sessions) and complete all required tests and required homework as outlined in the student syllabus before your program ends. The Higher Score Guarantee applies to Summer Intensive Program students as follows: SIP students who redeem the HSG may repeat their test prep through any Advantage On Site, Anywhere, or On Demand course for free. Alternatively, SIP students who qualify for HSG may purchase tutoring hours or the next Summer Intensive Program at a discounted rate.

To Redeem the HSG: You must select one of the guarantee options within 90 days after the date your program access ends. If you choose to repeat your program, you will not be eligible for a full refund under the HSG. If you choose the repeat option, you may repeat the program one-time for free. If you repeat a program with tutoring, you will still be responsible for the tutoring portion of the program however you will be charged a discounted rate. The free-repeat program selected must prepare you for a test date within the next three months or the next available test date. If you select a full refund, you must present a copy of your official score report and your diagnostic score results along with your print program materials.

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