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LL.M. students play an important role in today's global society with the unique opportunity to effect positive change that transcends borders. Passing the bar in the United States is key to achieving your goals. That's why we have created a bar review course specifically designed for you, addressing the fundamental skills and knowledge not typically covered in an LL.M. curriculum, yet are critical to passing the bar exam.

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Watch lectures anywhere that you have internet access. You will be given a very structured syllabus that will instruct you on what lectures to watch on each day during your course. You can watch lectures whenever you want. If you want to review part of a lecture, all lectures are available 24/7 in our Online Lecture Library.

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Attend lectures in a physical location at a pre-scheduled time. Depending on your course, lectures will be delivered by either a combination of live professors or live professor via simulcast. If you miss a lecture or just want to review part of one, all lectures are available 24/7 in our Online Lecture Library.

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Attend lectures in a physical location at a pre-scheduled time. If you miss a lecture or just want to review part of one, all lectures are available 24/7 in our Online Lecture Library.

*Kaplan Bar Review reserves the right to change any course information.

Your LL.M. New York Complete Bar Review Course Includes:

LL.M. Fundamentals

  • Benefit from 8 three-hour sessions with in-depth coverage of U.S. legal writing, analysis, and multiple-choice test-taking strategies
  • Build your knowledge of the eight most heavily tested legal topics: Negligence, Contract Formation, 1st Amendment, Homicide, Hearsay, Landlord & Tenant, Federal Civ Pro, and Wills & Estates.
  • You can purchase this portion of the course a la carte

NY General Bar Review

  • Learn the material through in-depth lectures and outlines: Each day you'll internalize the subject knowledge necessary for success on the bar through a system of lectures, outlines, lecture note templates, and quick-rule summaries that will help you boil things down to the essentials.
  • Practice applying your knowledge the way the bar will test it: Apply the law exactly the way it's tested on the bar with 4,000 exam-like MBE practice questions and explanations, previously released state essay questions, and full-length simulated MBE and State Essay exams.
  • Assess your performance: Stay on track with detailed daily reports that reveal your mastery of each subject and topic over time and highlight the areas where you need to improve the most.
  • Strengthen your weak areas: As you progress through the course, your daily regimen will gradually become to life with video, audio, instant chat with instructors, whiteboard, polling, screen sharing, and more.

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MBE Foundation

  • Develop your bar exam prep plan with this seven-day course covering the most up-to-date MBE trends.
  • Practice with in-class, 50-question mini-exams focusing on the most heavily tested topics.
  • Review the appropriate law for each question with our expert faculty. You'll get essential strategies and techniques to maximize your performance.
  • Identify your personal areas of strength and weakness to further target your studies.

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MBE Final Review

  • Cover the most up-to-date MBE trends with this 3-day course
  • Practice with a full-day, simulated MBE followed by a substantive question-based review
  • Get the extra points that make the difference between passing and failing the bar

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Final Countdown Study Plan

  • At the end of your course you'll get a highly tailored set of assignments to complete during the final two weeks before you take the bar exam.

Why Choose Kaplan for your Bar Review?

  • Get over 4,000 exam-like MBE practice questions in our course. Create customized MBE quizzes using our MBE Qbank.
  • Unlimited Essay Grading allows you to get individualized guidance on as many essays as you choose to write.
  • Your daily regimen will include assignments that gradually become tailored to improve your weakest areas.
  • Outlines with Roadmap Diagrams make the law easier for you to navigate, absorb and recall.
  • Get our Bar Note Lecture Companion Sheets to create a structure for your own outlines.
  • All lectures are available to you to review in our Online Lecture Library.
  • Your Final Countdown Study Plan that will provide you with an individualized set of daily assignments during the last two weeks before the bar exam.
  • Study when and where you want. Get unlimited 24/7 access to lectures to your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android device.
  • Our Academic Attorneys help you stay on track via our Ask-an-Expert Support.

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  • If you have verified that your law firm will pay for your Complete Bar Review Course, click here to enroll today and provide the information necessary so that we are able to bill your firm.
  • If you are unsure whether or not your firm pays for your Complete Bar Review Course, click here to contact us and we will verify your firms billing policy.
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